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Free practice training on the topic "Medical Practitioners"

On October 27, 2018, the English language teacher, Adambaeva Nargiza, held free practice training on the topic "Medical Practitioners" in Group 302 B of the Faculty of Treatment. The lesson was very interesting, where students learned about the work of the general practitioner in the UK and the agenda. At the same time, prepositions of time and place have been revised.

During the lesson, games and technologies such as "Warming-up games", "Wall reading", "Important numbers" and "T-scheme" were used.

Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics, professor R.B.Abdullaev, head of the Department of quality control M.I.Ollaberganov, Dean of the Faculty Treatment, Associate Professor O.O.Masharipov, Teacher of the TUIT Urgench branch Z.A.Yusupova, methodis N. Tolibova , the head of the chair D.Sh.Olimova and the teachers of the department.

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